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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction


Here, at the Office Concierge Company Limited (refer to hereafter as Office Concierge), we are committed to the protection of the privacy of Personal Data and to compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and the PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations). The Privacy Policy set out below details what Personal Data we collect, why we collect it, how we will use it, how long we will keep it for and the controls and rights the data subject has with regards to the data.


2. Definitions


“Personal Data” is information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify an individual, like name, address, email address, telephone number. “User” is a natural entity with which Office Concierge has an established relationship (for example an employee, supplier, client, etc.) “Web Visitor” is an individual visiting our front-end website at “Candidate” is an applicant for employment with Office Concierge, either through our Web Recruitment portal or directly. “Data Subject” is the natural entity to which the Personal Data relates.


3. Data Controller

The Office Concierge Co Ltd is a “Data Controller” and in certain circumstances may be a “Data Processor” as defined by the General Data Protection Regulations and can be contacted on all matters regarding this Privacy Policy at: GDPR 36 Queen Anne Street London. W1G 8HF 02074671000 


4. Base principles

In formulating our policy we have adhered to the following principles: 

  • Transparency with regards to the collection and use of data and that only data deemed essential for a specific purpose is collected

  • The collected data will only be used for the purpose specified

  • That all processing is lawful, fair, transparent and necessary for a specific purpose

  • That data is accurate, kept up to date and removed when no longer necessary

  • That data is kept safely and securely employing where possible risk-based approaches and privacy-by-design principles.


5. Collection and use


The following sections cover the specifics of each of the three groups from which data is collected: website Visitors, Candidates, Users and CCTV.


5.1 Website Visitors

5.1.1 General


As a general Visitor you can visit our website without giving away any personal information. Office Concierge uses Google Analytics and Cookies in order to provide the metrics that allow us to improve our website and to provide a better user experience. The data collected by Google Analytics are anonymous traffic data including browser information, device information and language. This information is used only to provide a general overview of how the Office Concierge website is assessed and used. No additional information is collected beyond this (The IP address of the visiting computer is known to Google but this information is not accessed or used by Office Concierge).

5.1.2 Contacting Office Concierge

If you contact us via the website, information about you will be collected. It will be information you fill in the contact page and include personal data such as your name, email address, organisation which will be processed and stored in order for us to effectively deal with and respond to your request. No further use will be made of the data.


5.2 Candidates

Office Concierge job vacancies can be filled by recruitment from a specific job advertisement, from CVs sent in directly (or through our Web Recruitment Portal) or from Job Board listings (and/or Social Media sites). In all cases we will ask for your explicit consent to process the personal data you have provided in connection with the job application. This consent is entirely voluntary but in the event that the requested consent to the processing of your Personal Data is withheld, further progress of the application will not be possible. All data provided, requested or volunteered will be used exclusively for the evaluation of a candidate’s suitability for a vacancy and for recruitment related purposes. (See also section 8 “Data Transfer”) Page 3 of 5 Office Concierge may, with your additional consent, keep your data for a further period for the possibility of matching you with other positions should the opportunities arise.


5.3 Users


Office Concierge necessarily processes and stores personal data of Users as part of its operations. All processing of these data is lawful and the legality, depending on the activity involved, based on:

the legitimate interests of the controller

necessary for performance of contract

in compliance with legal obligation

with the consent of the natural person


5.4 CCTV


Office Concierge operates a CCTV system to capture high definition video images for the purposes of crime prevention and staff and public safety in its Head Office. CCTV data is processed in pursuit of our legitimate interest and those of the data subjects whose data is processed. Appendix 1 provides further information on the personal data held, how they are used and the legal processing basis employed for the processing of personal data.


6. Data retention and deletion

Office Concierge will keep your personal data in accordance with our internal data retention policies which is based on the minimum retention period required by law. We will only keep personal information beyond this period if there is a legitimate and provable business reason to do so.


7. Data Security


Through the use of appropriate technical measures we will make sure that any information you have given us is protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure, loss.


8. Data Transfers


The processing of Personal Data is strictly limited to the specific purposes for which they are gathered. Such processing is done within Office Concierge and, where applicable, members of the group. In certain instances Personal Data is shared with 3rd parties. These are:

  • For purposes of staff training.

  • For the provision of additional employee benefits.

  • For the performance of additional employment related services.

  • The nature of the services provided by Office Concierge means field staff are sited at client premises. Clients may wish to participate in the staff placement process in which case a candidate’s personal information will be transferred to the client for their evaluation. 

  • For purposes of crime prevention and detection CCTV images may be shared with the police. Personal data is not transferred out of the EEA.


9. Natural person (Data subject) rights


Under GDPR, as the natural person to which the personal data relates, you have, depending on the circumstance, the following rights:

  • The right to be informed – you have the right to be informed in a clear, transparent and concise manner how personal data is collected and processed

  • The right of access - you will have the right to know what information is held about you and how it is processed. The first data access request is free but subsequent ones may be subject to an administrative charge. You data copy will be sent to you by electronic means

  • The right of rectification – you will be entitled to have personal data corrected if it is inaccurate or incomplete.  The right to erasure (or 'the right to be forgotten') – you have the right to have your personal data deleted or removed.

  • The right to restrict processing –you have the right to block or suppress processing of your personal data.

  • The right to data portability - allows you to obtain your personal data in a commonly used and machine readable format for your own purposes across different services or to transfer this to another organisation.

  • The right to object or withdraw consent - you are entitled to object to your personal data being used (for example your personal data for direct marketing) or withdraw a previously given consent.

  • Rights relating to automated decision making and profiling - you can choose not to be the subject of a decision is based on automated processing On matters concerning or exercising these rights please contact the Data Controller at the address given above.


10. Scope


This Privacy Policy is applicable only to the Office Concierge Co Ltd and its website, (Including Office Concierge Web Recruitment portal). This version of the Privacy Policy is effective from 1 st May 2018.


11. Policy Acceptance and Changes


This Privacy Policy is an integral part of The Office Concierge Co Ltd’s terms of use and continued use of the website and our platform implies acceptance of this Privacy Policy. If you are disagree with this policy please refrain from accessing the website and platform Office Concierge reserves the right to amend or change this Privacy Policy in line with best current privacy practises and the prevailing legislations. All changes to our Privacy Policy will be displayed on this website. For reference the previous versions of this Policy can be found here.  We may collect and process the following personal data about you.


OC privacy policy.PNG

Office Concierge rely on the following basis, depending on the activities carried out, for the lawful processing and storing of the personal information:

  • For the performance of a contract or agreement that Office Concierge has entered into with the data subject. An example is the Contract of Employment

  • For complying with applicable laws. Examples are processing of statutory sick pay and statutory maternity pay.

  • Legitimate interest, where it is in the legitimate interest of Office Concierge to collect, process and store your personal data to provide the company with information required to provide our services more effectively and to run the business in an efficient and proper manner. In adopting this basis office Concierge has carried out an assessment of its interest in using personal data against the interest of the data subject as a citizen and their rights under data protect laws.

  • Consent. Where you have given us consent to process the information. Examples are using your photo and the processing of medical & health records


With regards to special category data the basis used to ensure lawful processing are, depending on the activity:

  • Necessary for the carrying out of obligations under employment

  • For assessing the working capacity of the employee

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