Our Training Academy

The OC Training Academy was established in 2008 and has as its "raison d’etre" the delivery of the 'OC Way', our unique customer service program. The 'OC Way' blends the academic and practical components of what it takes for a corporate receptionist to achieve the memorable "5 star hotel style" visitor experience.

The Academy is located at our head office in Queen Anne Street. The luxurious space allocated to the training rooms ensures that all attendees learn in a comfortable and modern environment.

Whilst our in-house training courses are only available for Office Concierge employees, we also hold regular 'Open Courses' for those interested in developing personal reception management skills.

In-house training

Every OC receptionist is a graduate of the ‘OC Way’ in-house training programme. Our internal course combines both the academic and practical aspects of our service provision, whilst providing our people with the philosophy, theory and principles of customer service values.

Course Content

Course Content

Pre course assessment & post course follow up

We provide pre course scope assessments as well as post course feedback reports to ensure that you get the very best results from the course. We can also arrange for mystery shopper reports to be undertaken post training so that we can monitor and report back to you on how effective our training has been.

OC Consultancy - Bespoke Training

For those clients who are seeking a bespoke review of their reception management offering, our OC Consultancy team will review, report and recommend solutions tailored to your precise needs.